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Jesus Christ Superstar - OST

Jesus Christ Superstar - OST

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MCA 2-11000 made in USA in gatefold cover incl. 12 pages booklet.

Vinyl M. Cover NM.

Jesus Christ Superstar started life as a most improbable concept album from an equally unlikely label, Decca Records, which had not, until then, been widely known for groundbreaking musical efforts. It was all devised by then 21-year-old composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and 25-year-old lyricist Tim Rice. Jesus Christ Superstar had been conceived as a stage work, but lacking the funds to get it produced, the two collaborators instead decided to use an album as the vehicle for introducing the piece, a fairly radical rock/theater hybrid about the final days in the life of Jesus as seen from the point of view of Judas.


Overture     5:26     
Heaven On Their Minds     4:22          
What's The Buzz     2:30          
Strange Thing Mystifying     1:50          
Then We Are Decided     2:32          
Everything's Alright     3:36          
This Jesus Must Die     3:45          
Hosanna     2:52          
Simon Zealotes     4:28          
Poor Jerusalem     1:36          
Pilate's Dream     1:45          
The Temple     5:26          
I Don't Know How To Love Him     3:55          
Damned For All Time / Blood Money     4:37          
The Last Supper     7:12          
Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say)     5:39          
The Arrest     3:15          
Peter's Denial     1:26          
Pilate And Christ     2:57          
King Herod's Song     3:13          
Could We Start Again Please?     2:44          
Judas' Death     4:38          
Trial Before Pilate     6:47          
Superstar     3:56          
The Crucifixion     2:40          
John Nineteen: Forty-One     2:20

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