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King Diamond - The Dark Sides.

King Diamond - The Dark Sides.

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Roadrunner RR 2455 made in Holland.

Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

King Diamond is the band that King Diamond (Kim Petersen) formed after he left Mercyful Fatewhich eventually caused the remaining members to split up(although Michael Denner and Timi Hansen were also members of King Diamond) - following the departure of Hank Shermann. Although the first incarnation of King Diamond featured members of Mercyful Fate, the band lost most of its proto-black metal style and become a heavy metal band. The Satanic focus was replaced by a focus on horror stories. Apart from two albums, each of the albums contained a story told throughout the songs; some stories span more than one album.


1. Halloween
2. ''them''
3. No Presents For Christmas
4. Shrine
5. The Lake
6. Phone Call

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