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Golden Hour

Kinks - Golden Hour

Kinks - Golden Hour

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Golden Hour GHD 50 made in England in gatefold cover, 2 x vinyl. Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

Collection of '60s material that includes most of their British and American hits, as well as some LP-only tracks. The Kinks were a key part of the 1960s British Invasion of mod music, and their early hits — especially "You Really Got Me" and "All Day and All of the Night" — paved the way for the next decade's hard rock. After their first burst of popularity died down, the Kinks became a cult band, continuing to turn out great albums into the Seventies.


Side 1
1. Lola           
2. The Village Green Preservation Society           
3. Love Me Till The Sun Shines           
4. Wonderboy           
5. Little Miss Queen Of Darkness           
6. Two Sisters           
7. Sitting By The Riverside           
8. Dandy           
9. Rainy Day In June           
10. Death Of A Clown           
Side 2

1. Village Green           
2. Johnny Thunder           
3. Party Line           
4. Funny Face           
5. Moments           
6. Dreams           
7. Do You Remember Walter?           
8. All Of My Friends Were There           
9. People Take Pictures of Each Other           
10. Too Much On My Mind           
11. Picture Book           
12. You're Looking Fine           
Side 3

1. Apeman           
2. God's Children           
3. Harry Rag           
4. Afternoon Tea           
5. Last of the Steam-Powered Trains           
6. Animals In The Zoo           
7. David Watts           
8. Rosy Won't You Please Come Home           
9. House In The Country           
10. Situation Vacant           
Side 4
1. Holiday In Waikiki           
2. Session Man           
3. Phenomenal Cat           
4. Most Exclusive Residence For Sale           
5. Lazy Old Sun           
6. Tin Soldier Man           
7. End Of The Season           
8. No Return           
9. Wicked Annabella           
10. Starstruck           
11. The Way Love Used To Be           
12. Big Sky

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