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Knack - ...but the little girls understand

Knack - ...but the little girls understand

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Capitol 062-86080 made in USA with picture inner sleeve.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

Mike Chapman summed it up best in the liner notes -- "The songs are an assortment of feelings and emotions expressed redundantly as only the Knack can...This record is very dear to me and my bank manager." The self-deprecating title (which quotes Willie Dixon's "Back Door Man") isn't really an attempt to apologize but rather to let everyone know that they were in on the joke all along -- and they're laughing all the way to the bank. This is essentially a rewrite of the debut, especially evident on the lead-off single "Baby Talks Dirty." It's not as good as Get the Knack and didn't sell nearly as well, but it is a good time for those who don't take rock & roll too seriously.


1. Baby Talks Dirty
2. I Want You
3. Tell Me You're Mine
4. Mr. Handleman
5. Can't Put A Price On Love
6. Hold On Tight And Don't Let Go
7. The Hard Way
8. It's You
9. End Of The Game
10. The Feeling I Get
11. (havin' A) Rave Up
12. How Can Love Hurt So Much

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