Korn - Issues

Vendor: Sony
Released: 1999


2 X 180 VINYL.

Released in the fall of 1999, when Korn were in danger of being overshadowed by such protégés as Limp Bizkit, Issues reaffirms the group's status as alt-metal leaders, illustrating that the true difference between Korn and their imitators is their mastery of sound. Korn are about nothing if not sound. Sure, Jonathan Davis doesn't merely toss off lyrics, but in the end, it doesn't matter since his voice and the various words that float to the surface simply enhance the mood.  


A1 Dead (1:12)
A2 Falling Away From Me (4:31)
A3 Trash (3:27)
A4 4U (1:42)
A5 Beg For Me (3:54)

B1 Make Me Bad (3:55)
B2 It's Gonna Go Away (1:31)
B3 Wake Up (4:08)
B4 Am I Going Crazy (0:59)
B5 Hey Daddy (3:45)

C1 Somebody Someone (3:47)
C2 No Way (4:08)
C3 Let's Get This Party Started (3:41)

D1 Wish You Could Be Me (1:07)
D2 Counting (3:38)
D3 Dirty (7:50)

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