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Medley (EMI)

Laid Back - See You In The Lobby

Laid Back - See You In The Lobby

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Medley MdLP 6300 made in Holland.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

The formation of Laid Back, the Denmark-based duo behind the underground dance classic "White Horse," was a happy accident. Tim Stahl and John Guldberg met up at a Danish studio in the late '70s with the intent to be joined by a third party who never arrived. The duo began playing together and kicking ideas around, and they eventually decided to form Laid Back. Within a short period of time, Stahl and Guldberg landed a contract on Teldec.


1. It's A Shame
2. Tricky Kind Of Thing
3. Party At The White House
4. Don't Run
5. Mr. Pusherman
6. It's Never Too Late
7. I'm Hooked
8. Make It Beautiful
9. Tell Me The Truth

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