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Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Manfred Mann

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Manfred Mann

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Bronze BRON 252 made in UK.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

An R&B band that only played pop to get on the charts, Manfred Mann and its various permutations ranked among the most adept British Invasion acts in both styles. South African-born keyboardist Manfred Mann was originally an aspiring jazz player, moving toward R&B when more blues-oriented sounds became in vogue in England in the early '60s. Original Manfred Mann singer Paul Jones was one of the best British Invasion singers, and his resonant vocals were the best feature of their early R&B sides, which had a slightly jazzier and smoother touch than the early work of the Rolling Stones and Animals.


1. California Coastline (3:48) 
2. Captain Bobby Stout (6:57) 
3. Sloth (1:27) 
4. Living without you (3:36) 
5. Tribute (5:32) 
6. Please Mrs. Henry (4:30) 
7. Jump sturdy (4:49) 
8. Prayer (5:40) 
9. Part time man (3:04) 
10. I'm up and I'm leaving (3:07)

Total Time: 42:33

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