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Matthews' Southern Comfort - One Two Three Too Good.

Matthews' Southern Comfort - One Two Three Too Good.

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MCA MAPS 7290 made in Germany in gatefold cover 2 x vinyl. Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

This UK band was formed by former Fairport Convention singer/guitarist Iain Matthews (b. Ian Matthew McDonald, 16 June 1946, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England), and was named after his 1969 debut for MCA Records. Comprising Matthews, Mark Griffiths (guitar), Carl Barnwell (guitar), Gordon Huntley (pedal steel guitar), Andy Leigh (bass) and Ray Duffy (drums), the newly formed band signed to EMI Records. The unit’s country-tinged sound proved to be an excellent forum for Matthews’ songwriting talents. In the summer of 1970, their second album, Second Spring reached the UK Top 40 and was followed by a winter chart-topper, ‘Woodstock’. Joni Mitchell wrote the single as a tribute to the famous festival that she had been unable to attend. Already issued as a single in a hard rocking vein by Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young, it was a surprise UK number 1 for Matthews Southern Comfort.


A1 Blood Red Roses Written-By – Matthews* 2:27  

A2 Moses In The Sunshine Written-By – Barnwell* 6:12  

A3 The Brand New Tennessee Waltz Written-By – Winchester* 2:59  

A4 Once Upon A Lifetime Written-By – Matthews*, Barlby* 4:09  

A5 To Love Written-By – Goffin-King* 4:42  

A6 Fly Pigeon Fly Written-By – Hamwood*, Barlby* 3:16  

A7 Road To Ronderlin Written-By – Matthews* 2:18  

A8 Dream Song Written-By – Matthews* 2:12  

B1 The Watch Written-By – Matthews*, Barlby* 2:35  

B2 Southern Comfort Written-By – Fricker* 7:44  

B3 A Castle Far Written-By – Blaikley*, Howard* 2:56  

B4 Thoughts For A Friend Written-By – Matthews*, Barlby* 3:10  

B5 The Tale Of The Trial Written-By – Matthews* 2:39  

B6 Mare, Take Me Home Written-By – Anderson* 3:14  

B7 What We Say Written-By – Matthews*, Barlby* 3:20  

B8 Even As Written-By – Barnwell* 2:49  

1 Jinkson Johnson Written-By – Matthews* 5:30  

C2 And Me Written-By – Matthews* 4:40  

C3 And When She Smiles (She Makes The Sun Shine) Written-By – Anderson* 2:13 C4 Tell Me Why Written-By – Young* 2:04  

C5 I've Lost You Written-By – Barlby* 2:20  

C6 Sylvie Written-By – Barnwell* 5:37  

C7 My Lady Written-By – Matthews* 1:38  

C8 Something In The Way She Moves Written-By – Taylor* 4:48  

D1 Woodstock Written-By – Mitchell* 4:28  

D2 For Melanie Written-By – Barnwell* 6:44  

D3 Colorado Springs Eternal Written-By – Barlby* 3:09  

D4 Ballad Of Obray Ramsey Written-By – Matthews* 2:25  

D5 D'Arcy Farrow Written-By – Gillette*, Campbell* 3:30  

D6 A Commercial Proposition Written-By – Thompson* 2:56  

D7 Sweet Bread Written-By – Barlby* 2:28  

D8 Please Be My Friend Written-By – Matthews*, Barlby* 3:21  

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