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Mayall, John & Friends ‎– Along For The Ride

Mayall, John & Friends ‎– Along For The Ride

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2 X 180 GRAM VINYL + CD.

By the time this was released in 2001, John Mayall was more known for the people who played in his seminal British band, the Bluesbreakers rather than his own accomplishments. The success of 1999's Padlock on the Blues afforded Mayall the opportunity to fulfill his dreams and gather an all-star lineup of blues and rock luminaries. "A World of Hurt" and "That's Why I Love You So" both typify the good but not great groove that permeates Along for the Ride. Better tracks "Yo Yo Man" and "Early in the Morning" are easygoing blues that feature the great rhythm section of John McVie and Mick Fleetwood.


A World Of Hurt     4:31
Along For The Ride     4:50
Put It Right Back     4:31
That's Why I Love You So     4:15
Yo Yo Man     2:59
If I Don't Get Home     5:21
Testify     4:27
Early In The Morning     4:08
Something About My Baby     4:18
So Many Roads     6:11
World War Blues     4:27
California     5:56
She Don't Play By The Rules     5:12

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