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McGriff, Jimmy - Electric Funk

McGriff, Jimmy - Electric Funk

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One of the all-time giants of the Hammond B-3, Jimmy McGriff sometimes gets lost amid all the great soul-jazz organists from his hometown of Philadelphia. He was almost certainly the bluesiest of the major soul-jazz pioneers, and indeed, he often insisted that he was more of a blues musician than a jazz artist; nonetheless, he remained eclectic enough to blur the lines of classification. His sound -- deep, down-to-earth grooves drenched in blues and gospel feeling -- made him quite popular with R&B audiences, even more so than some of his peers; what was more, he was able to condense those charms into concise, funky, jukebox-ready singles that often did surprisingly well on the R&B charts.


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1. Back On The Track     
2. Chris Cross    
3. Miss Poopie    
4. The Bird Wav
5. Spear For Moondog, Part 1
6. Spear For Moondog, Part 2
7. Tight Times    
8. Spinning Wheel    
9. Funky Junk

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