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Meaning Of Life - OST

Meaning Of Life - OST

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CBS 70239 made in England.

Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

 Unlike most comedy releases, the soundtrack of Monty Python's The Meaning of Life is an appealing audio souvenir that doesn't get stale after listening to it a few times, because of the incredibly catchy and satirical songs from the film, which are all included: "The Meaning of Life," "Galaxy Song," "Accountancy Shanty," "The Not Noel Coward Song," "Christmas in Heaven," and "Every Sperm Is Sacred." Also interspersed with the music are dialogue snippets from the film involving, but not limited to, a wafer-thin mint, the machine that goes PING, a drill sergeant marching up and down the square, six philosophic fish, live organ transplants, and, of course, the meaning of life.


1. Introduction/fish Introduction/the Meaning Of Life
2. Birth/frying Eggs
3. Every Sperm Is Sacred/protestant Couple/adventures Of Martin Luther
4. Sex Education
5. Trench Warfare/the Great Tea Of 1914-18/fish
6. Terry Gilliam's Intro/accountancy Shanty/zulu Wars
7. The Dungeon Restaurant/live Organ Transplants/the Galaxy Song
8. The Not Noel Coward (penis) Song/mr. Creosote
9. The Grim Reaper/christmas In Heaven
10. Dedication (to Fish)

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