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Mendes, Sergio Brasil '65 - Wanda de Sah

Mendes, Sergio Brasil '65 - Wanda de Sah

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In 1965, Sergio Mendes and his trio conducted their first out-of-Brazil experiment: They recorded in L.A. for the first time in what proved to be their first major move into the U.S. market and their embrace of the new bossa nova sound. Accompanying the Mendes band were then-great vocalist Wanda de Sah and guitarist Rosinha de Valenca. This is deeply swinging bossa; it is crisp and pops out at the listener in every conceivable way. It features exotic and pioneering rhythmic work, smooth accessibility, and sophisticated melodies, many of which were written by the hottest talents in Brazil. 

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01. So Nice (Samba de Verao) (2:12)
02. Somewhere in the Hills (2:57)
03. Berimbau (3:20)
04. Tristeza Em Min (2:01)
05. Aquarius (2:25)
06. One-note Samba (2:23)
07. She's a Carioca (3:26)
08. Muito a Vontade (2:59)
09. Let Me (Deixa) (2:52)
10. Consolacao (3:13)

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