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ABC Records

Orleans - Orleans

Orleans - Orleans

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abc ABCL 5107 made in UK. Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

Orleans were never a favorite of rock critics, who disliked the soft rock/pop/rock outfit for the same reason they disliked Chicago, America, Player, Pablo Cruise, and Firefall: They saw Orleans as unchallenging. That much is true; Orleans were never the most challenging band in the world. But then, they weren't trying to be. Orleans are what they are -- laid-back, congenial soft rock with occasional R&B influences -- and complaining about the lack of danger in their music is sort of like faulting a romantic comedy for not being as edgy as one of Martin Scorsese's film noir masterpieces.


1. Please Be There
2. If
3. Two-faced World
4. Turn Out The Light
5. Tongue-tied
6. Half Moon
7. Moutain
8. Wanderlust
9. Ticonderoga Moon
10. Stoned
11. It All Comes Back Again

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