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Peyroux, Madeleine - Standing on The Rooftop

Peyroux, Madeleine - Standing on The Rooftop

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Vocalist Madeleine Peyroux can best be thought of as a Billie Holiday for the 1990s. Like Holiday, Peyroux was marketed as a jazz singer, when what she seems to do best is sing blues music. Though Peyroux may remind some listeners of Holiday, there are differences; she has her own sense of phrasing and interpretation. Her 1996 Atlantic Records debut, Dreamland, is a brilliant recording, as Peyroux's distinctive voice is not hindered by overly intricate arrangements.

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1.  Martha, My Dear
2.  The Kind You Can't Afford
3.  The Things I've Seen Today
4.  Fickle Dove
5.  Lay Your Sleeping Head, My Love
6.  Standing On the Rooftop
7.  I Threw It All Away
8.  Love In Vain
9.  Don't Pick A Fight With a Poet
10. Meet Me In Rio
11. Ophelia
12. The Way of All Things


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