Pixies - Bossanova

Vendor: 4AD
Released: 2009


Originally released in 1990, Bossanova was the Pixies' third full-length and second collaboration with independent English producer Gil Norton. The album was a noted departure from their unpredictable signature sound and it's considered their first thematic project. Leader Black Francis' (Frank Thompson) songwriting reveals his twisted interpretation of surf music combined with his fascination of aliens and UFOs. The end result is Bossanova, a surf-space rock album that found thePixies reaching new heights. Pressed on Audiophile Quality 180g Vinyl!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pixies

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1. Cecilia Ann  
2. Rock Music  
3. Velouria  
4. Allison  
5. Is She Weird  
6. Ana  
7. All Over The World  
8. Dig For Fire  
9. Down To The Well  
10. The Happening  
11. Blown Away  
12. Hang Wire  
13. Stormy Weather  
14. Havalina

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Pixies - Bossanova Pixies - Bossanova