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Rain Man - OST.

Rain Man - OST.

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Capitol 038-79 1866 made in Holland.

Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

Most of the songs on this soundtrack album are nostalgic pop numbers, either from or in the style of the '50s and '60s (the film takes place in the '80s, but director Barry Levinson used the songs to create a nostalgic mood). The exceptions are the most interesting songs: the Belle Stars perform a lively "Iko Iko," which is an energetic bit of '80s pop. Hans Zimmer's Oscar-nominated score is performed on the instrument du jour of the 1980s, the electronic keyboard. 


1. Iko Iko, The Belle Stars (2:53)
2. Scatterlings Of Africa, Johnny Clegg & Savuka (4:05)
3. Dry Bones, The Delta Rhythm Boys (2:53)
4. At Last, Etta James (3:00)
5. Lonely Avenue, Ian Gillan & Roger Glover (3:09)
6. Nathan Jones, Bananarama (5:10)
7. Leaving Wallbrook , On The Road, Hans Zimmer (2:52)
8. Las Vegas , End Credits, Hans Zimmer (8:20)
9. Stardust, Rob Wasserman / Aaron Neville (4:35)
10. Beyond The Blue Horizon, Lou Christie (3:44)

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