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Acid Jazz

Red Inspectors - Are We The Red Inspectors ? Are We ?

Red Inspectors - Are We The Red Inspectors ? Are We ?

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The album comes in at around half an hour but the quality of the music is excellent and the variety never stops – one of my favourites has to be ‘Clutching At Straws’ which has psychedelic sitar alongside the strings in the backing and sits alongside ‘Monochrome Sunrise’ which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Lalo Schifrin album!
‘Into Morocco’ has an oriental/African feel to it while the funk of ‘Frankenstein’s Finger’ is one for the dancefloor of a club with ‘A Go Go’ in its title – you can almost see the caged dancers and paisley patterns. ‘The Kardomah’ is a delightful piece of BoHo jazz and the most sophisticated number on the album. 


1. Spectrum Boy
2. The Kardomah
3. Grand Union Carnival
4. Into Morocco
5. He's A Menace
6. Red Murcury
7. Monochrome Sunrise
8. Clutching At Straws
9. 13948 Overture
10. Frankenstein's Finger
11. I Am The Master Fly
12. The Apology Squad

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