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Reed, Lou – I’m So Free: The 1971 Demos

Reed, Lou – I’m So Free: The 1971 Demos

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On October 27, 1971, Lou Reed walked into the first recording session of his solo career.  I’m So Free: The 1971 RCA Demos is a collection of those rare recordings.  This is Lou as few have ever heard him: the songwriter at work, pure and alone, before the noise, swagger and legend. Released on vinyl for the first time, the 13 tracks on this LP are an unprecedented addition to Reed’s rock & roll life on record. His next four decades – more than 30 studio and concert albums of lyric challenge, incendiary guitar and iron-willed vision until his death in October 2013 – start here.  The final iterations of these demos can be found across Reed’s discography on albums including Lou Reed, Transformer, Berlin, and Sally Can’t Dance.


    Perfect Day (Demo – Takes 1 & 2) 4:03
    I’m So Free (Demo) 2:08
    Wild Child (Demo) 4:18
    I’m Sticking With You (Demo – Take 2) 1:51
    Lisa Says (Demo) 5:20
    Going Down (Demo – Take 2) 2:27
    I Love You (Demo) 2:10
    New York Telephone Conversation (Demo) 1:39
    She’s My Best Friend (Demo) 2:42
    Kill Your Sons (Demo) 4:44
    Berlin (Demo) 4:34
    Ocean (Demo – Takes 1 & 2) 5:04
    Ride Into The Sun (Demo – Take 2) 2:28
    Hangin’ Around (Demo – Take 2) 3:56
    Love Makes You Feel (Demo – Take 2) 3:04
    I Can’t Stand It (Demo) 2:32
    Walk It And Talk It (Demo) 3:04

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