Reed, Lou - New York

Vendor: Sire Records
Released: 1989


Sire 925 829 made in Germany with lyric inner sleeve and lyric 4 side sheet.

Vinyl EX. Cover VG+.

The career of Lou Reed defies capsule summarization. Like David Bowie (whom Reed directly inspired in many ways), he has made over his image many times, mutating from theatrical glam rocker to scary-looking junkie to avant-garde noiseman to straight rock & roller to your average guy. A firmer grasp of rock's earthier qualities has ensured a more consistent career path than Bowie's, particularly in his latter years.


1. Beginning Of A Great Adventure
2. Busload Of Faith
3. Dime Store Mystery
4. Dirty Blvd
5. Endless Cycle
6. Good Evening Mr Walkheim
7. Halloween Parade
8. Hold On
9. Last Great American Whale
10. Romeo Had Juliette
11. Sick Of You
12. Strawman
13. There Is No Time
14. Xmas In February




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