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Richman, Jonathan - No Me Quejo De Estrella

Richman, Jonathan - No Me Quejo De Estrella

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perhaps the listener may appreciate a little explanation about this collection. Jonathan intended it as a gift for his audiences in Spain (and outside the US in general): to give them a selection of songs that are well known through live shows but not so easy to find on CD or LP up until now, given the fact that records such as "Her Mystery Not Of High Heels And Eye Shadow" or "Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love" are out of print today.


1. La Guitarra Flamenca Negra
2. La Fiesta Es Para Todos
3. You Can Have a Cellphone That's OK But Not Me
4. Because Her Beauty Is Raw and Wild
5. No One Was Like Vermeer
6. When We Refuse to Suffer (I)
7. When We Refuse to Suffer (II)
8. Here It Is
9. Old World
10. My Baby Love Love Loves Me Now
11. Not So Much to Be Loved As to Love (Second Version)
12. My Love for Her Ain't Sad
13. Her Mystery Not of Highheels and Eyeshadow
14. I Took a Chance On Her
15. Maybe a Walk Home from Natick High School
16. Con El Merengue

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