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Rufus - Rags To Rufus

Rufus - Rags To Rufus

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Probe 056-95661 made in Germany.

Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

In many respects the group seems to be feeling their way through this. Luckily, Rags to Rufus does feature some can't-miss propositions. The great rock and funk mix of "You've Got the Love" all but sums up what Chaka Khan was going to be doing for the long haul. The biggest hit here, "Tell Me Something Good," is a rare instance of an artist like Stevie Wonder giving away a tune that he could have had a big hit with himself.


01 You Got The Love 4:39
02 I Got The Right Street 3:17
03 Walkin' In The Sun 3:02
04 Rags To Rufus 4:05
05 Swing Down Chariot 4:24
06 Sideways 1:55
07 Ain't Nothin' But A Maybe 3:36
08 Tell Me Something Good 4:40
09 Look Through My Eyes 3:13
10 In Love We Grow 3:38
11 Smokin' Room 4:20

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