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Medley (EMI)

Sort Sol - Dagger & Guitar

Sort Sol - Dagger & Guitar

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Medley MDLP 6163 made in Holland.

Vinyl NM. Cover NM.

Sort Sol is a rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark - these days a trio with Steen Jørgensen, Lars Top-Galia and Tomas Ortved. The band was formed in 1977 as a punk rock outfit, originally under the name Sods. Despite changes in the group’s line-up their current name, which translates into English as Black Sun; a commonly known expression for the phenomenon occurring, when starlets gather in huge flocks before migrating in the autumn in Denmark, has remained with them since the early 1980s.


1. Abyss
2. White Shirt
3. Excalibur
4. Boy - Girl
5. Boy In The Fire
6. Off Morning
7. Written Story
8. Stuck To My Gun
9. Framelding
10. As She Weeps

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