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Sparks - Island Years

Sparks - Island Years

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Quite simply the albums by Sparks, Kimono My House, Propaganda, Indiscreet and Big Beat, represent one of the most exciting, inventive and witty musical sequences of the 1970s. Written in the main by Ron Mael and sung with his brother Russell’s unique élan, across the set can be found classic, era-defining singles like ‘This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us’, ‘Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth’, ‘Get In The Swing’ and ‘Looks Looks Looks’.

But that’s not all: the fifth LP in the box rounds up all of the band’s Island B-sides from the period, most of which have never previously been available on vinyl album, while the tracks ‘Looks Aren’t Everything’ and ‘Intrusion/Confusion’ are making their debut on vinyl. The set, with its faithful recreation of all original sleeves, is released with the full involvement of the brothers Mael, who took time out of their all-conquering FFS tour to approve artwork and is pressed on 180GM vinyl. The cut was overseen by long-term Sparks associate Bill Inglot.


Lp 1

    This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us 3.05
    Amateur Hour 3.37
    Falling in Love With Myself Again 3.03
    Here in Heaven 2.48
    Thank God It's Not Christmas 5.07
    Hasta Manana, Monsieur 3.52
    Talent Is an Asset 3.21
    Complaints 2.50
    In My Family 3.48
    Equator 4.42

Lp 2

    Propaganda 0.23
    At Home at Work at Play 3.06
    Reinforcements 3.55
    B.C. 2.13
    Thanks But No Thanks 4.14
    Don't Leave Me Alone With Her 3.02
    Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth 2.28
    Something for the Girl With Everything 2.17
    Achoo 3.34
    Who Don't Like Kids 3.37
    Bon Voyage 4.54

Lp 3

    Hospitality On Parade 4.00
    Happy Hunting Ground 3.44
    Without Using Hands 3.20
    Get in the Swing 4.08
    Under the Table With Her 2.20
    How You Getting Home? 2.57
    Pineapple 2.45
    Tits 4.57
    It Ain't 1918 2.07
    The Lady Is Lingering 3.40
    In the Future 2.12
    Looks, Looks, Looks 2.35
    Miss the Start, Miss the End 2.46

Lp 4

    Big Boy 3.30
    I Want to Be Like Everybody Else 2.57
    Nothing to Do 3.09
    I Bought the Mississippi River 2.29
    Fill-Er-Up 2.20
    Everybody's Stupid 3.41
    Throw Her Away (And Get a New One) 3.15
    Confusion 3.27
    Screwed Up 4.20
    White Women 3.24
    I Like Girls 2.58

Lp 5

    Lost and Found
    Alabamy Right
    Marry Me
    The Wedding of Jacqueline Kennedy to Russell Mael
    I Want to Hold Your Hand
    Gone With the Wind
    Looks Aren't Everything
    Tearing the Place Apart

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