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Tallest Man On Earth - I Love You. It's A Fever Dream

Tallest Man On Earth - I Love You. It's A Fever Dream

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The Tallest Man on Earth's fifth studio album 'I Love You. It's A Fever Dream' is available here on CD, LP, and indie exclusive colored vinyl LP. In Spring of 2019, The Tallest Man on Earth will release his first album in 4 years. I Love You. It's A Fever Dream. Was written, produced and engineered by Kristian Matsson and was recorded almost entirely in his apartment in Brooklyn, NY. When asked for some insight into the album, Matsson says "Here's what I can tell you: Of course there are some love songs and then there are some other songs. Making the album I was thinking a lot about the lenses we view our lives through and that, for some reason, our worst tendencies seem to be carried out so loudly, while our best can go unnoticed. I've come to realize that some of the most powerful, most inspiring moments in my life have been the most subtle and that so often the thing that deserves my attention, is trying the least to get it."


1 Hotel Bar 4:29
2 The Running Styles of New York 5:11
3 There’s a Girl 3:21
4 My Dear 3:42
5 What I've Been Kicking Around 3:28
6 I'm A Stranger Now 4:21
7 Waiting For My Ghost 3:55
8 I'll Be A Sky 3:52
9 All I Can Keep Is Now 3:45
10 I Love You. It's a Fever Dream. 3:38

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