Testament - The Ritual.

Vendor: Atlantic
Year: 1992


Atlantic 7567-82392 made in Germany with lyric inner sleeve. Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

"'The Ritual' was on a path of its own. The record was actually written a lot heavier and thrashier, and at that time, Alex [Skolnick, guitar] was on tour with Stu Hamm doing some other gigs and coming back to listen to the songs we wrote. He was like, 'I'm not playing over the thrash parts! We need to slow it down and get some straight-ahead beats.' And when it did that, vocally, for me, it made it kind of boring because it's just one straight path, and it really slowed everything down and broke up the dynamics we created originally." http://testamentlegions.com/site/


1 Signs Of Chaos 0:30 
2 Electric Crown 5:30 
3 So Many Lies 6:04 
4 Let Go Of My World 3:47 
5 The Ritual 7:27 
6 Deadline 4:46 
7 As The Seasons Grey 6:12 
8 Agony 4:00 
9 The Sermon 4:41 
10 Return To Serenity 6:30 
11 Troubled Dreams 5:02

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