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Townshend, Pete - Chinese Eyes

Townshend, Pete - Chinese Eyes

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ATCO ATC 50889 made in Germany in gatefold cover with lyric inner sleeve.

Vinyl EX. Cover VG+.

If Empty Glass, an album filled with songs that could have been performed by the Who, was a solo album because it was too revealing and personal, All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes was a solo record since it's impossible to hear anyone but Townshend wanting to indulge in this deliberately arty, awkwardly poetic bullsh*t. Where his other albums showed an inclination toward classical-influenced art rock, this is defiantly modern art, filled with stagey prose, synthesizers, drum machines, angular song structures, and a heavy debt to new wave -- in short, Townshend's vision of what modern music should sound like in 1982.


1. Stop Hurting People
2. The Sea Refuses No River
3. Prelude
4. Face Dances - Part Two
5. Exquisitely Bored
6. Communication
7. Stardom In Action
8. Uniforms
9. North Country Girl
10. Somebody Save Me
11. Slit Skirts 


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