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UB40 - UB40

UB40 - UB40

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Virgin 209 211 made in EU with text inner sleeve.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

UB40 was the first indication that the band was abandoning the political inclinations of their earlier work and concentrating solely on pop-reggae. Of course, pop informed all of their albums since Labour of Love, but on UB40, the group concentrates solely on the grooves, from the instrumental "Dance with the Devil" to a sultry cover of "Breakfast in Bed," featuring Chrissie Hynde on vocals. Even though the album and all of its mellow grooves are thoroughly enjoyable, it's hard not to long for something a little deeper, whether it's the tributes of Labour of Love or the edgy Rat in the Kitchen.


1. Dance With The Devil 5:39
2. Come Out To Play 3:10
3. Breakfast In Bed 3:15
4. You're Always Pulling Me Down 3:59
5. I Would Do For You 5:33
6. 'Cause It Isn't True 3:00
7. Where Did I Go Wrong 3:49
8. Contaminated Minds 4:46
9. Matter Of Time 3:19
10. Music So Nice 3:41
11. Dance With The Devil - Reprise 2:16

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