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Viola, Mike - Electro De Perfecto

Viola, Mike - Electro De Perfecto

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Not enough people have noticed, but Mike Viola’s been cranking out great power-pop for the past 15 years, initially with the Candy Butchers and then on his own. His career peaks have probably been his film work, particularly That Thing You Do! (but let’s not overlookWalk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story). He’s done it once more with his latest solo album, Electro De Perfecto. The timing might be a bit off for this one, though, as the standout track “Soundtrack of My Summer” would have been perfect to, well, soundtrack your summer. So the timing’s perfect for the Southern Hemisphere.


 1  Columbus Day Parade 

2  Get You Back 

3  El Mundo de Perfecto 

4  Soundtrack of My Summer 

5  Closet Cutter 

6  Field of Guns N' Roses 

7  Me and My Drinking 

8  Here's the Rub 

9  Inside Out 

10  When the Stars Are Against You

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