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War Of The Worlds - OST

War Of The Worlds - OST

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Deluxe version with beautiful poster cover of the legendary Leith Stevens score for The War of the Worlds, here in a unedited version remastered by Roberto Zamori. Limited edition of 500 copies. “...I used in my recording and restoring studio right instruments to preserve the original sound of the music in the fifties, and the sounds effects, just cleaning the damages of the time, without adding or improve nothing, has been my work; to be made with maximum care...”


1     Main Title-Film Version          1:49     
2     Who Would Have Believed     2:47     
3     The Meteor     1:26     
4     Interlude      1:55     
5     The Martian Heat-Ray    3:04     
6     Heat-Ray Aftermath 1:15     
7     The Morning After The Attack      3:14     
8      Escape From The Farm House    2:46     
9      Martian Blood     1:24     
10    Exodus From Los Angeles/finale      4:10     
11    Prelude-Headlines      2:12     
12    The Building Of The Ship Begins     2:52     
13    The Building Continues    1:13     
14    Work Faster      0:54     
15     Save The Ship!      2:29     
16    The Eve Of Destruction    1:13     
17    Finale      9:45     
18    War Of The Worlds (Alternate Version)          1:12

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