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Who/Hendrix - Backtrack 5

Who/Hendrix - Backtrack 5

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Track Records 2407 005 made in Gt. Britain. Vinyl VG. Cover VG.

The third and final release in the budget-priced Backtrack series of albums devoted solely to the Who and Jimi Hendrix, Backtrack 5 offers little that won't be familiar to the seasoned collector of either band, and is frequently passed over by fans of both, as just another casual round-up of recent hits and bits. Which it was -- more than either of its predecessors, Backtrack 5 was redundant even before the Backtrack series itself marched on to re-reissue most of the music therein.


A1     Who, The –     Magic Bus         
A2     Who, The –     Boris The Spider         
A3     Who, The –     Mary Anne (With The Shaky Hand)         
A4     Who, The –     Tattoo         
A5     Who, The –     Pinball Wizard         
A6     Who, The –     I'm Free         
A7     Who, The –     Rael         
B1     Jimi Hendrix –     Rainy Day Dream Away         
B2     Jimi Hendrix –     Manic Depression         
B3     Jimi Hendrix –     Love Or Confusion         
B4     Jimi Hendrix –     Come On         
B5     Jimi Hendrix –     Spanish Castle Magic         
B6     Jimi Hendrix –     Voodoo Chile

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