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Yo La Tengo - Extra Painful

Yo La Tengo - Extra Painful

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3 x 180 GRAM VINYL

Yo La Tengo made a major creative leap forward with 1992's May I Sing with Me, where their yin-and-yang mix of quiet and loud finally began to work as well as it was meant to, but 1993's Painful was where they truly hit their stride, their first album to confirm they were one of the best independent bands extant. Ira Kaplan's buzzy guitar freakouts had made it to vinyl before, but Painful gave them better context, with songs that were well suited to his noisy style..

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A1 Big Day Coming
A2 From A Motel 6
A3 Double Dare
A4 Superstar-Watcher
A5 Nowhere Near
B1 Sudden Organ
B2 A Worrying Thing
B3 I Was The Fool Beside You For Too Long
B4 The Whole Of The Law
B5 Big Day Coming
B6 I Heard You Looking

Extra Painful
C1 Nowhere Near (Demo)
C2 From A Motel 6 (Live Acoustic)
C3 Tunnel Vision (Unreleased Instrumental Demo)
C4 Sudden Organ (Demo)
C5 Smart Window (Unreleased Painful Session)
D1 Big Day Coming (Live Acoustic)
D2 Slow Learner (Unreleased Demo)
D3 Double Dare (Demo)
D4 A Worrying Thing (Demo)
D5 I Heard You Looking (Live)

E Shaker
F For Shame Of Doing Wrong (8-Track Version)

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