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Zappa, Frank - Tinseltown Rebel Lion

Zappa, Frank - Tinseltown Rebel Lion

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CBS 88516 made in Holland in gatefold cover.
Vinyl EX. Cover EX.
Zappa's late-'70s/early-'80s period was marked by many personnel changes to his regular touring group. TINSEL TOWN REBELLION documents some of the first live recordings to feature the likes of Steve Vai, Warren Cucurullo and Vinnie Colaiuta, all of whom who would go on to become infamous for their Zappa tenure. Filled with the usual on-the-spot jokes and one-liners that normally accompany a live Zappa record, REBELLION features an incredibly tight ensemble that wails on such memorable performances as "For The Young Sophisticate," "Tell Me You Love Me" and the hilarious title track.


1. Fine Girl
2. Easy Meat
3. For The Young Sophisticate
4. Love Of My Life
5. I Ain't Got No Heart
6. Panty Rap
7. Tell Me You Love Me
8. Now You See It Now You Don't
9. Dance Contest
10. The Blue Light
11. Tinseltown Rebellion
12. Pick Me I'm Clean
13. Bamboozled By Love
14. Brown Shoes Don't Make It
15. Peaches Iii
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