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Dr. Feelgood - Live In London.

Dr. Feelgood - Live In London.

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Sonet SLP 3168 made in Sweden. Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

Live in London was the first Dr. Feelgood album to be recorded following the departure of guitarist Gordon Russell -- although nobody knew that at the time. New member Steve Walwyn had played just a handful of shows with the band when they headlined London's Town and Country Club, a sold-out show that was being filmed for a television special; it was only when the group listened to the tapes after the show that they decided there could be no better way of introducing the new recruit to the record-buying public.


1. King For A Day
2. You Upset Me
3. As Long As The Price Is Right
4. Mad Man Blues
5. She Does It Right
6. Baby Jane
7. Quit While You're Behind
8. Back In The Night
9. Milk & Alcohol
10. See You Later Alligator
11. Down At The Doctors
12. Route 66
13. Going Back Home
14. Bony Maronie/tequila

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