Anti-Flag - People Or The Gun

Vendor: Side One Dummy Records
Collection: Punk/Garage
Released: 2009


It's heartening to see a post-millennial punk band upholding the legitimate politicized anger--and defiant hope--that stirred the original class of '77 and the hardcore bands of the mid-'80s. And although the band's music sounds current, with hints of thrash and other more recent sounds, their overall vibe is an homage to the simple, powerful, message-heavy music of their forebears. Anti-Flag's ninth studio album includes intense jeremiads about consumerism, the dismal economy, the greed behind both, the never-ending war in Iraq, and the bright flashes of optimism that reside in all of us. Stand-out tracks include the hardcore-ish "No War Without Warriors (How Do You Sleep)" and "On Independence Day," which shows off bassist Chris #2's chops.

99.95 dkr


1. Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington D.c. (sheep In Shepherd's Clothing)
2. The Economy Is Suffering...let It Die
3. The Gre(a)t Depression
4. We Are The One
5. You Are Fired (take This Job, Ah, F*** It.)
6. This Is The First Night
7. No War Without Warriors (how Do You Sleep?)
8. When All The Lights Go Out
9. On Independance Day
10. The Old Guard
11. Untitled

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