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10cc - Live And Let Live

10cc - Live And Let Live

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Mercury 6641714 made in Scandinavia in gatefold cover.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

 The time for a 10cc live album would have been as they toured The Original Soundtrack with one of the most adventurous -- not to mention musically extravagant -- shows of the age. Instead, they waited two more years, until the newly reduced Eric Stewart/Graham Gouldman-led lineup headed out to promote the first LP since the split, Deceptive Bends, buoyed by the fact that the hits just kept on coming. It is a fun listen on its own terms, a double-vinyl package that wraps a hard-hitting rock show around a good selection of hits.


1. Second Sitting for the Last Supper
2. You've Got a Cold
3. Honeymoon with B Troop
4. Art for Art's Sake
5. People in Love
6. Wall Street Shuffle
7. Ships Don't Disappear in the Night
8. I'm Mandy Fly Me
9. Marriage Bureau Rendezvous
10. Good Morning Judge
11. Feel the Benefit
12. Things We Do for Love
13. Warterfall
14. I'm Not in Love
15. Modern Man Blues
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