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22 Pistepirkko - Bare Bone Nest

22 Pistepirkko - Bare Bone Nest

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Hailing from the tiny Finnish village of Utajarvi, 22-Pistepirkko emerged from just outside of the Arctic Circle in 1982, winning Band of the Year honors in their native land for a pair of EPs including the acclaimed Piano, Rumpu & Kukka. With the release of 1987's Kings of Hong Kong, the trio -- brothers PK (vocals, guitar) and Asko Keranen (synthesizer), and Espe Haverinen (drums) -- began recording in English; the bluesy Bare Bone Nest followed two years later, and with 1992's Big Lupu 22-Pistepirkko began earning their first notice outside of Scandinavia. After 1994's Rumble City, LaLa Land, the group resurfaced two years later with Zipcode, a collection of remixes; Eleven followed in 1998.


1. Frankenstein
2. Don`t Go Home Joe
3. Don`t Play Cello
4. You´re Mine Blues
5. Shot Bayou
6. Night Train Miss
7. Fly On
8. Bone Bone Baby
9. Round Table Blues
10. Till the Day I Die
11. She´s So Alone
12. Save My Soul
13. Bare Bone Nest
Bonus Material:
14. Rebel Crazy
15. Pills (Bo Diddley)
16. Bone Bone Baby (Hip Hop Ways)
17. Roundtable Blues (Demo)
18. Hot Wire
19. Regulary Man
20. Spanish Sun
21. If I Ever
22. What Have You Done, Again?
23. Back To the Riwe
24. I Will Always Be On Your Side
25. Molly


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