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Battle Of Britain - OST.

Battle Of Britain - OST.

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United Artists UAS 29019 made in UK.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

Battle Of Britain Soundtrack album for sale was released Jun 08, 2004 on the VarŠse Sarabande (USA) label. The 1999 reissue of this soundtrack is one of the most exciting finds in the realm of film music in decades, but to understand exactly why, one must realize that the original soundtrack to the movie Battle of Britain was one of the most controversial movie scores of the 1960s. Sir William Walton, who had previously written the music for the film First of the Few (aka Spitfire), not to mention Sir Laurence Olivier's three major Shakespearean films, wrote a score for Battle of Britain only to have it dropped by the film's producers.


Battle Of Britain Theme     1:23          
Luftwaffe March     3:32          
The Lull Before The Storm     1:37          
Work And Play     2:27          
Death And Destruction     1:22          
Briefing The Luftwaffe     1:14          
Prelude To Battle     3:20          
Victory Assured     2:12          
Defeat     1:26          
Hitlers Headquarters     0:55          
Return To Base     0:44          
Threat     1:23          
Civilian Tragedy     1:08          
Offensive Build-up     3:43          
Attack     0:58          
Personnal Tragedy     0:41          
Battle In The Air     4:51          
Absent Friends     1:03          
Battle Of Britain Theme End—Title     2:54    

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