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Bazaar - Gibbon Jump

Bazaar - Gibbon Jump

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Amager Amar 20 made in EEC.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

Bazaar was founded in 1976 by Peter Bastian (bassoon, clarinet, ocarina & percussion), Anders Koppel (Hammond organ) and Flemming Quist Møller (Percussion). Their music is inspired by traditional music of Balkan and Turkey, though they have as well roots in the free jazz of Keith Jarrett. They don’t want to be characterized by a specific genre, however they have agreed to the general term “world music”.  Their concerts are known to be empathy-filled and energetic. At the beginning they open with a free improvisation, in which they try to sense and reach a transcendental contact with the audience. Throughout their concerts they keep including new improvisations and interpretations, which makes their performances versatile.


Side 1
1 Byggeren 4:01
2 Trapeza 2:32
3 Kovachevo 5:33
4 Ak, Du Lieber Linda 4:51
5 Jitterbox 3:16
6 Zyrak 3:12

Side 2
1 Maria Galante - Mambo Lake 3:54
2 Landlig Idyl 4:24
3 Mors Fødselsdag 4:05
4 Gamle Jaz 3:00
5 Dunia 2:33

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