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Beatles - Second Album

Beatles - Second Album

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Capitol ST 2080 made in USA with original inner sleeve. Vinyl VG+. Cover VG.

The Beatles' Second Album was the first album of the group's work to be assembled by Capitol Records exclusively for the American market (as opposed to, say, Meet the Beatles!, which was a reconfigured and shortened version of With the Beatles). As such, it offends some historical purists, who don't think of it as a real album. Regardless of its origins, however, The Beatles' Second Album stands as probably best pure rock & roll album ever issued of the group's music.


Side One 
1. "Roll Over Beethoven" (Chuck Berry)
2. "Thank You Girl" (Lennon-McCartney)
      Written specifically for the band's female fans
3. "You Really Got a Hold on Me" (Smokey Robinson)
4. "Devil in Her Heart" (Richard Drapkin)
5. "Money (That's What I Want)" (Janie Bradford-Barry Gordy)
6. "You Can't Do That" (Lennon-McCartney)
      A rare instance of Lennon playing lead guitar on the entire track

Side Two
1. "Long Tall Sally" (Robert Blackwell-Enotris Johnson-Little Richard)
      Originally recorded by Little Richard in 1956
2. "I Call Your Name" (Lennon-McCartney)
      Originally written by Lennon for The Dakotas, for whom it was a #1 UK hit in 1963.
3. "Please Mister Postman" (Robert Bateman-Georgia Dobbins-William Garrett-Freddie Gorman-Brian Holland)
4. "I'll Get You" (Lennon-McCartney)
      A rare instance of Lennon and McCartney singing in unison (not harmonizing) for most of the song
5. "She Loves You" (Lennon-McCartney)
      The band's biggest selling single in the UK

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