Belew, Adrian - Mr. Music Head

Vendor: Atlantic Records
Released: 1989


Atlantic 781 959-1 made in Germany. Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

On Mr. Music Head, guitar virtuoso Adrian Belew serves up a pure pop-sounding album, and does a satisfying job to boot. He puts his guitar to good use, at times sounding experimental, but only doing so to add color to his three-minute tunes. On "Oh Daddy," his daughter Audie shares the singing on this light, cheery little number. With "Bad Days," the piano is the main instrument, projecting Belew's emotions quite fittingly. Belew's fondness for animal rights is the main theme behind "Hot Zoo," and "Cruelty to Animals" is an assortment of animal noises heard amongst background instrumentation, reminding listeners that he hasn't abandoned his avant-garde style completely.


Oh Daddy     3:05          
House Of Cards     3:44          
One Of Those Days     3:21          
Coconuts     3:29          
Bad Days     3:06          
Peaceable Kingdom     3:36          
Hot Zoo     4:24          
Motor Bungalow     3:36          
Bumpity Bump     3:46          
Bird In A Box     3:16          
1967     5:23          
Cruelty To Animals     4:23

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