Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality

Vendor: Vertigo
Country: Scandinavia


Vertigo 6360 050 made in Scandinavia.

Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

The Norwegian pressing of Sabbath’s seminal ‘Master of reality’ differs substantially from the British original. While the B-side label on the UK-pressing is black with white lettering, the Norwegian version follows the traditional Vertigo design with black lettering on a white background. Different fonts are also used on the Norwegian and British versions. The swirl is much larger that on the UK-pressing, while the Vertigo-logo is printed at the bottom of the label. The print year 1971 and the NCB-logo are found beneath the B-side song titles on the right side of the label. The A-side label is identical to the UK-pressing. The album was issued in a neutral white inner-sleeve.


1.  Sweet Leaf
2.  After Forever
3.  Embryo
4.  Children Of The Grave
5.  Orchid
6.  Lord Of This World
7.  Solitude
8.  Into The Void

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