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Blow Monkeys - Whoops! There Goes The Neighbourhood.

Blow Monkeys - Whoops! There Goes The Neighbourhood.

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RCA PL 71858 made in Germany incl. original text inner sleeve. Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

British pop/rock quartet the Blow Monkeys, led by singer/guitarist "Dr. Robert" (b. Bruce Robert Howard, May 2, 1961, Norfolk, England) and featuring drummer Tony Kiley (b. February 16, 1962), bassist Mick Anger (b. July 2, 1957), and saxophonist Neville Henry, broke through with the U.K. and U.S. Top 40 hit "Digging Your Scene" in 1986 and went on to place ten singles and four albums in the U.K. charts between 1986 and 1990. In the U.S., they are perhaps best known for the track "You Don't Own Me," which appeared on the multi-platinum soundtrack album Dirty Dancing in 1987. The band broke up in 1990 but reunited in 2007, touring and releasing the album Devil's Tavern the following year.


1. This Is Your Life / The Blow Monkeys
2. *wait / The Blow Monkeys
3. No Woman Is An Island / The Blow Monkeys
4. It Pays To Belong / The Blow Monkeys
5. Mercy, Pity, Peace And Love / The Blow Monkeys
6. Squaresville / The Blow Monkeys
7. Come On Down / The Blow Monkeys
8. Sweet Talking Rapist At Home / The Blow Monkeys
9. Bombed Into The Stoneage / The Blow Monkeys
10. Let's Emigrate / The Blow Monkeys
11. The Love Of Which I Dare Not Sp / The Blow Monkeys
12. This Is Your Life ('88) / The Blow Monkeys
13. Squaresville (longer) / The Blow Monkeys

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