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Brown, Oscar Jr. - Sin & Soul.

Brown, Oscar Jr. - Sin & Soul.

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Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, he was named for his father who was a successful attorney and real estate broker. His singing debut was on the radio show Secret City at age fifteen. Brown attended Englewood High School in Chicago, the University of Wisconsin, and Lincoln University (Pennsylvania) but did not obtain a degree. He served a stint in the U.S. Army, officially segregated until 1948, where his views on “race relations” were considered “subversive. ” In his youth, he was even a member of the Communist Party, USA, which ultimately also decided Oscar was “too subversive”; he was suspected to be a Black Nationalist.


work song - 2:32
but i was cool - 2:47
bid 'em in - 1:28
signifyin' monkey - 4:00
watermelon man - 2:44
somebody buy me a drink - 3:08
rags and old iron - 3:45
dat dere - 2:56
brown baby - 3:07
humdrum blues – 2:04
sleepy – 2:30
afro-blue - 2:39 

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