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Butcher The Bar - For Each A Future tethered.

Butcher The Bar - For Each A Future tethered.

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Joel Nicholson first gave us a glimpse of his deepest thoughts three years ago with his debut as Butcher The Bar ‘Sleep At Your Own Speed’, an album that dealt with the fleet-footed uncertainties of growing up - recorded in the intimate light of his bedroom. Since then Joel has moved into a whole house in Manchester, the rooms of which must be sunny and flooded with light, for the latest songs, with all their delicate melodies, conjure up images of sparkling particles of dust dancing in the sunlight. Taken as a whole, the songs on ‘For Each A Future Tethered’ make an album, and its an album with which Joel not only continues telling his own personal story, but which adds a new chapter to the history of great song writing in the tradition of musicians like Nick Drake, Paul Simon and Elliott Smith. 


  • 1 Sign Your Name
  •  2 Bobby
  • 3 Cradle Song
  • 4 Giant
  • 5 Alpha Street West
  • 6 Blood For The Breeze
  • 7 Silk Tilts
  • 8 Sin So Sweet
  • 9  X
  • 10 Cornered To The Cusp
  • 11 Lullaby
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