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Clash - London Calling

Clash - London Calling

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2 X 180 GRAM VINYL. 
Give 'Em Enough Rope, for all of its many attributes, was essentially a holding pattern for the Clash, but the double-album London Calling is a remarkable leap forward, incorporating the punk aesthetic into rock & roll mythology and roots music. Before, the Clash had experimented with reggae, but that was no preparation for the dizzying array of styles on London Calling.
40th anniversay edt.
The London Calling Scrapbook is a 120-page hardback companion to the album, of previously unseen archive material, lyric notes, and other exclusive memorabilia, packaged alongside the iconic album itself. The CD and LP versions have a special clear slip case printed with Ray Lowry’s artwork, which can be removed to reveal the Pennie Smith photo below.


A1. London Calling (3:13)

A2. Brand New Cadillac (2:09)
A3. Jimmy Jazz (3:55)
A4. Hateful (2:47)
A5. Rudie Can't Fail (3:27)

B1. Spanish Bombs (3:18)
B2. The Right Profile (3:53)
B3. Lost In The Supermarket (3:47)
B4. Clampdown (3:50)
B5. The Guns Of Brixton (3:12)

C1. Wrong 'Em Boyo (3:10)
C2. Death Or Glory (3:55)
C3. Koka Kola (1:49)
C4. The Card Cheat (3:50)

D1. Lover's Rock (4:03)
D2. Four Horsemen (3:00)
D3. I'm Not Down (3:00)
D4. Revolution Rock (5:36)
D5. Train In Vain (3:11)


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