Clash - The Story Of

Vendor: CBS
Year: 1988


CBS 460244 1 made in Holland incl. original text inner sleeves. Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

The Sex Pistols may have been the first British punk rock band, but the Clash were the definitive British punk rockers. Where the Pistols were nihilistic, the Clash were fiery and idealistic, charged with righteousness and a leftist political ideology. From the outset, the band was more musically adventurous, expanding its hard rock & roll with reggae, dub, and rockabilly among other roots musics. Furthermore, they were blessed with two exceptional songwriters in Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, each with a distinctive voice and style.


1. (white Man) In Hammersmith Palais
2. London's Burning
3. Janie Jones
4. Tommy Gun
5. Complete Control
6. Capitol Radio
7. White Riot
8. Career Opportunities
9. Clash City Rockers
10. Safe European Home
11. Stay Free
12. London Calling
13. Spanish Bombs
14. English Civil War
15. Police & Thieves

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  • Clash - The Story Of
  • Clash - The Story Of
  • Clash - The Story Of
Clash - The Story Of Clash - The Story Of