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Vreeswijk, Cornelis – Tio Vackra Visor Och Personliga Person

Vreeswijk, Cornelis – Tio Vackra Visor Och Personliga Person

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MLP 15313 made in Sweden.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

Cornelis Vreeswijk was of great importance to the Swedish ballad, by giving it a much wider audience as well as by incorporating elements of blues, jazz, pop, and Latin rhythms. Vreeswijk reached fame during the mid-'60s with often very political lyrics, and when his songs weren't political, they were explicit in a way that caused them to be blacklisted on the radio. However, by modernizing ballad singing, Vreeswijk has probably meant more for the Swedish singer/songwriter scene than anyone else since Evert Taube; and he played a big role in ensuring the survival of a domestic singer/songwriter tradition alongside the international rock-influenced tradition. Important '90s artists like Stefan Sundström are hard to imagine without the influence from Vreeswijk.


A1     Deirdres Samba     
A2     Bibbis Visa     
A3     Veronica     
A4     I Rio De Janeiro     
A5     Florentijn I Byn     
A6     Papillas Samba     
B1     Somliga Går Med Trasiga Skor     
B2     Felicia - Adjö     
B3     Tomtebloss     
B4     Saskia     
B5     Personliga Person

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