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Cherry Red

Felt - Train Above The City

Felt - Train Above The City

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During the '80s Felt cut ten albums and ten singles for the Cherry Red and Creation labels. Now a beautifully produced new reissue series from Cherry Red examines the work of what is considered one of the greatest underground groups of modern times. The first five albums will be released in February 2018. These vinyl records, unavailable for many years, have been remastered and revisited by Lawrence Hayward, and are presented in deluxe gatefold sleeves. 1985's Ignite the Seven Cannons was produced by Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins and features the skyscraping vocals of Elizabeth Fraser on the mighty "Primitive Painters" which topped the U.K. independent charts. Unhappy with the overall sound though it was as if some of Lawrence's best songs were lost in an "ethereal swirl." John A. Rivers has been given access to the original master tapes here and six songs have been remixed. Also side 2 has been focused, edited and "made symmetrical." Finally these songs can be heard as intended by Felt. It has become at long last a cohesive whole.


Train Above The City     3:02
On Weegee's Sidewalk     3:35
Run Chico Run     2:29
Press Softly On The Brakes Holly     2:28
Spectral Morning     3:40
Teargardens     2:54
Book Of Swords     2:18
Seahorses On Broadway     6:35

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