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Dumbo - OST

Dumbo - OST

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Out of print in the US! Original soundtrack to the classic 1941 Disney animated feature-length film. Still adorable after all these years, Dumbo the elephant tells the age-old tale of a young outcast who is shunned by his peers for being different. He is able to redeem himself by using his differences to his advantage and is finally accepted by those who once laughed at him. The film's story teaches young children a valuable lesson and this wonderful soundtrack will bring back all the memories, the fun and festivities of this great film. 18 tracks including 'When I See An Elephant Fly'.

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  1. Main Title - Dumbo
  2. Look Out For Mister Stork
  3. Loading The Train / Casey Junior / Stork On A Cloud / Straight From Heaven / Mother And Baby / Arrival At Night
  4. Song Of The Roustabouts
  5. Circus Parade
  6. Bathtime / Hide And Seek
  7. Ain't That The Funniest Thing / Berserk / Dumbo Shunned / A Mouse! / Dumbo And Timothy / Dumbo The Great
  8. The Pyramid Of Pachyderms
  9. No Longer An Elephant / Dumbo's Sadness / A Visit In The Night / Baby Mine
  10. Clown Song
  11. Hiccups / Firewater / Bubbles / Did You See That? / Pink Elephants On Parade
  12. Up A Tree / The Fall / Timothy's Theory
  13. When I See An Elephant Fly
  14. You Oughta Be Ashamed
  15. The Flight Test / When I See An Elephant Fly (Reprise)
  16. Save My Child / The Threshold Of Success
  17. Dumbo's Triumph / Making History / Finale (When I See An Elephant Fly)
  18. Spread Your Wings (Demo Recording)
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