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Stereolab - Sound-Dust

Stereolab - Sound-Dust

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NEW VINYL LP ON 1972 2014

2 x 180 GRAM VINYL

While the two years between Dots and Loops and Cobra resulted in stagnation, the two years separating Cobra and Sound-Dust find Stereolab deliberately recharging their creative juices, delving deeper into avant-garde composition and '60s swing pop in equal measures. As the album opens with the minimal "Black Ants in Sound-Dust," it's evident that the group has restructured and pushed forward, even if it means that they're adhering to their time-honored tradition of expanding their trademark sound with new arrangements and influences.


Black Ants In Sound-Dust     1:57
Space Moth     7:33
Captain Easychord     5:25
Baby Lulu     5:12
The Black Arts     5:11
Hallucinex     3:48
Double Rocker     5:31
Gus The Mynahbird     9:03
Naught More Terrific Than Man     4:02
Nothing To Do With Me     3:33
Suggestion Diabolique     7:52
Les Bons Bons Des Raisons     6:43

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